Participating is simple only open an account until December 1st, 2014 with any of the broker sponsors of World Top Investor.

The competition starts December 01, 2014 with any amount you choose from, above 2,000 USD or 2,000 Euros. What counts is your performance as a percentage (%) at the end of the year-long competition (November 30, 2015).

Participants will compete having access to the markets and products offered by the broker sponsor and allowed by each country regulation.

Good Traders around the world make big profits, day and night, trading currency, futures, stocks and CFDs. There is always one market open for you to trade.  As a participant on the World TopInvestor you qualify as a good trader. If you have the confidence and trade with success enroll now. Open an account with any of the broker sponsors of the World TopInvestor and get the recognition you want on your Country League competition and at World level

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