Todor Angelov

  BULGARIA  /  2014-2015 Edition
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Todor Angelov
Country Level Rank 1º (BULGARIA)
Strategy Intermarket Fundamental Analysis/Technical Indicators
Asset Class Stocks/Forex/Commodities/Indices
Long / Short Long/Short
Avg. trades per month 5



Job Title
Pro Trader,

My goal is to follow medium-term and long-term strategies with an investment horizon of above 5-6 months. I use fundamental analysis and basic technical analysis to choose entry points as well as correct prices for limit and stop orders. My clients are exposed to moderate risk from short-term market volatility, especially through sharp short-term currency pair moves. Achieved year-up-to-date return is above 200%, with average annual return of 20-30% for the last three years.

The portfolio is built from stocks, ETFs and the main currency pairs. There are bets on commodities but commodities are not traded directly, but rather through stocks of companies which extract them or trade in commodities. Commodity based stocks comprise 20-25% of the entire portfolio. I use long-short hedge strategies by shorting ETFs or CFDs on indices and buying outperforming stocks from the index, thus betting on the return gap between stocks and their respective benchmark. Currency pair bets, which comprise 20-35% of the portfolio currently rely on medium-term and long-term US dollar appreciation against the other major currencies from the dollar index.