The WTI Bull

The highest individual award to the most outstanding investor.

Participation certificates will be available for all participants that take part in the 8th edition challenge.

What is it about awards that makes us feel so good? It can't be for the money. For the successful trader the markets offer vaults of money in trading profits just waiting to be scooped up. There has to be something higher than money can offer. What this competition offers is the recognition of being the best trader among your peers.

Investors and traders particularly those participating in previous editions of the WTI know exactly how it feels, because it gives them a forum to compete against the best. These traders are already wealth creators. For the winners of the WTI contest the prize is prestige, respect and honour.

The WTI provides opportunities for participants to positively impact their own lives. This competition can easily be the incubator of new and interesting investment advisory businesses. There are many fantastic traders in the world who are living in countries that are just recently moving on to the world investment state. In the 2007-2008 edition, the winner was a Chinese from Hong Kong, the The 2009-2010 edition saw a winner from Poland, the 2014-2015 edition from Bulgaria.

The WTI Bull statuette is only awarded for verifiable performance. This is the reason it is so coveted. The WTI Bull statuette is an elite honour.

If you think you have what it takes to compete against the best, join the WTI. You may be surprised what this might lead to.

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