World Top Investor is real money competition with real trading online. Following are the rules for the competition.

  1. The World Top Investor Competition is open to any entrant, willing to open an account with a minimum of 2000 USD or euros per entry with any Broker sponsor.
  2. Entrants must open an account with any Broker / Bank associated to the event.
  3. Entrants can only participate with one (1) account.
  4. Entrants may deposit additional funds at any time including to meet margin calls. These funds will be added to the initial deposit to calculate total funds deposited. No funds may be withdrawn from the account during the competition, but entrant can terminate his participation at any time.
  5. Entrants accept to participate in the World Top Investor Competition subject to respect the rules of the competition.
  6. Entrant completing account application compete for the World Top Investor multi product, multi market, multi currency Championship. Entrant irrevocably authorizes Sponsor Broker in its sole discretion, to print publish televise or otherwise utilize his her names, photographs and accounts of the World TopInvestor participation.
  7. The duration of the Championship is 12 months, beginning on 1st July 2019. All competitors must have their positions closed, on the last day of the competition. 
  8. Entrants must do a minimum of 2 trades every month during the competition.
  9. All trading shall be conducted in accordance with the signed Customer Agreement and local regulations.
  10. A Board with representatives of Sala de Inversion reserves the right to amend, waive, or interpret any rule in its sole discretion if it is in the best interest of the World TopInvestor Competition.
  11. Entrant agrees when negotiating futures to liquidate open positions in a current futures month when instructed by broker. Broker may in his discretion effect such liquidation if entrant has not given liquidating orders by the end of the day. Trading is limited to listed futures contracts and securities and electronic market available instruments through award winning trading platform.
  12. Margins for any positions must be maintained in accordance with broker requirements.
  13. Broker shall not be responsible for any delays in the acceptance or transmission of orders for any cause beyond control including failure of transmission computer or communication failures.

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