Manuel Jose Gallego Huertas

  SPAIN  /  2011-2012 Edition
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Manuel Jose Gallego Huertas
Country Level Rank 1º (SPAIN)
Strategy TTHH
Asset Class Forex, CFD, stocks
Long / Short Long
Avg. trades per month 15


Computer engineer

Job Title
Export / Import transport company,

I am Applefanatic! and last year i tried with stock market without any knowledge i was long with apple and i was lucky because i dont know that stop loss exists! but i had 64% of gain. This make me to have some interest in the stock market.
After 2 courses with Jose Antonio Madrigal ( ) in january and february of this year 2011, i learned an interesting and special method to trade and i liked much this way to trade and i decided to use and practice at same time in WTI competition.

Thanks to my Master Jose Antonio Madrigal to transfer your knowledge and awake my trading side! AT THE MOMENT WE ARE DOING YOUR DREAM!!! 5 SPANISH TURTLES ARE IN THE WTI!!!!
I dont know if the 5 turtles will finnish in the top because still left many time until we complete the competition, but i am sure we will enjoy much participating. ;)

I want to say thanks too to the Spanish DIF broker team Julian Olmedo (WTI 2005 champion), Jose Luis and Luis for the good advise and help me to pickup most appropiate product.

Good Luck to all participants!!!