DIF Broker Poland is very pleased to announce VSA Trader as media sponsor

2014-09-15 17:30

DIF Broker Poland is very pleased to announce VSA Trader as media sponsor of the Polish League in the sixth edition of the World Top Investor competition 2014/15. The sponsorship of VSA Trader has a special meaning for all of us at WTI, because the President of the VSA Trader, Rafal Glinicki, has been a former participant in WTI, finishing twice in the top ten world rankings. In the 2007/08 edition Glinicki won the Polish League with gains of 58.13% which gave him the 8th place in the world ranking. In the edition of 2009/10, although he did not win the Polish League, he was 7th in the world ranking with profits of 64.68%.

VSA Trader is now a very important market training company. Among the different courses that are provided, the most advanced is a several months course identified as the Turtle Project. This course aims to create a select group of traders, playing in major markets of the world. Traders belonging to this group are moving according to the common rules resulting from the mechanics of the market, playing in harmony with so called "Smart Money".

Because VSA Traders now has several thousand students and the company is lead by a former WTI champion, it is a privilege for broker sponsor DIF Broker in Poland to associate with VSA Trader as media sponsor.





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