What the Swiss Central Bank did to WTI participants

2015-01-20 14:49

After Switzerland Central Bank removed the three year old cap on the Swiss franc at 1.20 global markets had a 5 minutes meltdown provoking deep losses in the financial industry and also in participants of the WTI. A lot of the participants miscalculated the leverage used in the portfolios. Alexander Ivanchev was first with gains over 300% and lost all his gains.

Alexander Ivanchev is from Bugaria participating in the WTI through Karoll Forex and he regularly reach profits up to 200-300% through the years, and that was the level of his gains in the WTI just after 4 weeks of competition. Born in 1975 Alexander Ivanchev decided to participate to test himself, and if possible to gain recognition for his skills.

Alexander likes to trade with the trend and waits sometimes for weeks in order to accumulate big profits. Although he only trades Forex he uses correlation in markets for his analysis. For example when trading USD/CAD, he analysis crude oil because of positive correlation. With the gigantic CHF move in the markets he, like a lot of people lost all the money.

The 2014-2015 edition of the WTI has started when financial markets are experiencing a level of volatility not seen in a while. This volatility will add stress to participants.






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