Buy....Sell the answer to WTI participants

2015-08-28 19:28

This week seismic market volatility did not remove Todor Angelov from the first place. Although coming from gains of 261% to 124% he never lost his first place and started since to recover.

The large swings in the market and the unusual volatility are not uncommon in the markets and that is the reason people should follow the performance of WTI participants so they better understand risk, and the strategies they follow to adjust to risk.

Gustavo Castor Dominguez Fernandez and John Rodrigues used the volatility to make gains and come among the 10 best participants in the world, while other participants did not want to do anything in the markets because their number one priority is protecting money they already have.

Make no mistake, a lot of participants lost a lot of money and this edition of the WTI may go in history as the most difficult as investors had to decide if events of this week are a collapse or a correction, should they keep or change strategies.

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