Bulgarian League leading the World Top Investor

2013-07-30 11:51

It’s summer in the markets, nothing much is happening, stocks seem to go nowhere and gold and silver seem to want to go up. Another sluggish earnings season. So far 70% of companies in the SP500 bear estimates.

From the Bulgarian league are the first and second place of the World Top Investor. They trade mostly forex. Nedko Nikolov with gains of 300% in 3 months traded from the beginning of the competition the major crosses, but decided to focused his effort on trading USD/JPY and XAU/USD. He is not a very active trader and applies a long/short strategy. From time to time he also traded the Nikkei 225. The last 2 weeks he did not trade being on holidays.

Alexandyr Ivanchev, only trades one currency pair at the time when he sees an opportunity. His strategy is to wait as long as it takes to do the right entrance in order to buy or sell at the best considered level. He is not scare if at the beginning his trade goes negative. As long as he does not change his idea he waits in the trade. He is prepare to wait months if necessary, since he believes patience is an advantage.

We was making almost 300% two weeks ago and he assumes he took to much risk at the beginning of the competition, but now with gains of 257% and in second place he will start to manage his gains by taking less risk with less leverage and smaller positions in the market.

Many people consider the markets as a place to get burned, Alexandyr Ivanchev and Nedko Nikolov along with many other participants from the World Top Investor prove it’s also a place to make money.





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