Interview to Pawel Olchawa from Poland

2012-03-20 02:29

Mr Paweł Olchawa, the leader of WTI edition comes from Poland, and has only been an active investor for a couple of years in his own words.

Professionally he is a programmer and algorithms designer.
He started programming when he was 13 years old and at 18 started studying algorithms and competing in programming contests.

As a programmer he was:
 - 1st place in IPSC 2005 -
 - finalist of Google Code Jam 2005

Code Jam 2005
 - 6th place in ACM Central Europe Programming Contest 2004/2005

Later he managed to turn his programming experience into a successful business projectby being the co-founder of the social network which competes with the Facebook in Poland.

Mr Olchawa strategy for the contest was trading only EUR/USD looking for opportunities of strong breakouts from side trends. With technical analysis he extracted periods with high probability of strong breakout. Obviously for the competition he played with high leverage using predefined Stop and Profit levels, trying to minimize time when he had open positions. All trades were performed manually.






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