Thruth is better than fiction. Year-long World TopInvestor competition will launch on May 1st

2013-04-02 13:53

Trading a real account is better than trading a simulated account when you are trying to identify real traders and real investors.

Wouldn't it be better and smarter to select a portfolio manager based on performance rather than a fancy pitch?

The World TopInvestor is a dream come true for traders and investors that want to have fame and recognition. As responsible investors they already know that there is a risk of loss in trading, but they also know they can reduce risk by applying control, techniques and strategies over their trades, and they can win.

The world scenario for 2013-2014 plays like an unusual period for the markets. All looks good in the world financial markets, but they surely can produce gyrations in stocks, commodities, currencies and interest rates. The World keeps making deals and participants in the World TopInvestor must act and react quickly to make money, real money.

Over the next 6 weeks investors are going to be divided in between those participating and those who will follow those participating the World TopInvestor.
Time to choose.

The World TopInvestor competition is open to qualified, experienced investors familiar with the risk involved in trading in these markets. Competition rankings will be posted online daily by partner brokerage firms, as well as on the competition website, The grand prize, is a mandate to be a portfolio manager for DIF Broker for at least a year.





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