Nuno Lavareda leading WTI trading Dax

2013-06-03 10:15

After the first month of competition Nuno Lavareda a veteran of WTI having participate in the 3rd edition in 2009-2010 is leading with gains of 110%. Nuno Lavareda only trades DAX in CFDs and DAX has been a good performer during the month of May. The second place is also from Veteran Helder Jorge Silva, a participant in all WTI editions. As usual Helder Jorge Silva only trades futures of Gas and Oil. It is very hard to make money in oil and gas because so many people lose, but that also means one can make a lot more of it because those who win make more money. These markets have altered the outlook in May after crude turned the weekly trend to down while Unleaded Gas is confirming a higher trend. Understanding when to trade is the biggest problem traders have. This is particularly true for participants trading Forex because the market is open 24 hours a day. Teodor Minchev is from Bulgaria and is now in third place after the first month of the competition. He trades US shares, SP500 and several currencies with small volumes. Teodor like the previous 2 participants follows mainly technical analysis, but prefers moderate risk trading.

Sometimes there are big turning points like the Japanese market in the past few days, but there isn’t a major move every day in every market. Major turning points only happen from time to time, but there is days where there is some sharp pullbacks and those are opportunities for short term traders and it is what Nuno Lavareda has been doing in May trading only the DAX.





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